Social Pedagogy

"One should teach children to dance on a tightrope without a safety net,
To sleep at night alone under the sky,
To row a boat out on the open sea.
One should teach them to imagine castles in the sky, instead of houses on the ground,
To be nowhere at home but in life itself
And to find security within themselves."

Hans-Herbert Dreiske, Poet and Social Worker

Currently in the UK too many children’s homes lack a clear theoretical framework for their practice and children in residential care are at greater risk of poorer outcomes in a range of areas from education to criminalisation and mental health and wellbeing.

Sometimes the focus on risks and protecting children in care can result in an unintentional ‘deficit-focus’ – with all the attention on correcting the child’s ‘faults, without enough attention to their strengths, skills, abilities and what they want to achieve in life.

Lighthouse is developing a new model for children’s homes based on social pedagogy as our core philosophy of care.

Social pedagogy is a holistic, multi-disciplinary, strengths-based approach focused on relationships, empowerment, learning and wellbeing.

It starts with the belief that there is a ‘diamond’ of rich potential inside every child, which can be developed and strengthened through authentic relationships and shared activities. It is a common foundation in services for children and families in continental Europe, but relatively new and unfamiliar to the UK.

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