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Catch 22


Catch22 is a social business who design and deliver services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities across the UK. Lighthouse has been incubated at Catch22 since 2017, and we received a tailored programme of support through the Incubate, Accelerate, and Amplify programme.

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Incubator programme

Jamie's Farm

Jamie’s Farm

Jamie’s Farm is a charity that transforms the lives of vulnerable children between the ages of 10-16 by working closely with partner schools, providing a combination of ‘farming, family and therapy’ through a unique residential and follow-up programme. They re-engage children with educational life and enable them to fulfil their potential both in school and the wider social setting.

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ZING Foundation


ZING is a foundation that supports early stage organisations whose outcomes are focused on young people realising their potential. They offer three strands of support: funding, connections, and technology advice (and built this website).

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Andrews Charitable Trust

Andrews Charitable Trust

ACT funds organisations built around a big idea; an idea that has the potential to make real changes to the lives of disadvantaged or vulnerable people. Following the passion of their founder, Cecil Jackson Cole, they operate a venture philanthropy approach, supporting young organisations like Lighthouse, as the vehicles for social change.

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Big Change

Big Change

Big Change wants to see a society where we work together to support all young people to thrive. They back pioneering people and projects at the frontline of change, and unite a community of supporters to support them to achieve the greatest impact. Lighthouse is proud to be part of this community.

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Treebeard Trust

TreeBeard Trust

Their mission is to support transformational initiatives which have the potential to create a healthier planet and a fairer society. They want to tackle the root cause of the problem, supporting work with the potential and ambition to influence or transform the wider system. Their open minded approach to investment has resulted in securing the first Lighthouse home.

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