Transforming the lives of children in care

Lighthouse ensures that children in care have the same opportunities as everyone else by creating life changing education-focused children’s homes.

We believe that children growing up in residential care should go on to achieve great things and lead fulfilling lives. They have the right to support that helps them discover their potential.


Education with high aspirations, responsive to children’s individual needs, should be a priority for every child in residential care.

We need to work together to transform the lives of children in care and close the care gap for good.

Our News

What does home mean to you?

Over the past year, the word home has come to mean a lot more than it did before the pandemic. For children in children’s homes, the state of being and belonging that we all expect from being at home can be elusive. It’s not just the physical building that makes something institutional. It’s also the relationships between the people that are there.

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The ‘People Challenge’ in children’s homes

At Lighthouse, we believe that it is time to change how we recruit, train and retain staff in children’s homes. Our approach will encourage stability and professionalism in staff and enable staff to build what all children in care need – secure, trusting relationships.

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